Below are a list of resources that can assist you in your Information Security efforts in the Cannabis industry, and beyond. Got a resource you want to recommend? Contact us!

Last Updated: November 7, 2022

General Websites

Cannabis ISAO – An Information Sharing & Analysis Organization that helps in the facilitation of information sharing in the Cannabis Industry with relation to physical and digital threats.

National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) – A national organization of Cannabis Businesses that works toward identifying, creating, and implementing best practices for the industry. Consider reviewing their Cybersecurity Standard and Cybersecurity Checklist!

Syntax Bearror – A general Information Security site that includes talks from the author around different topics. They also host a YouTube show weekly about Information Security news.

Information Security Frameworks

CIS Top 18 Controls – The Center for Internet Security’s page refencing the 18 Critical Security Controls they define are essential for most every business. A great foundation before approaching more comprehensive frameworks.

NIST CSF Framework – The National Institute of Science and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) which is used by US Federal and State agencies in defining and setting up their Information Security programs. It is more comprehensive than the CIS Top 18.

United States Privacy Laws

Regulators in the United States

Below is a list of Cannabis regulators within the United States.