Securing Cannabis is a project started in 2022 aimed to support the growth of IT and Information Security professionals, and the resiliency of organizations in the Cannabis industry through knowledge sharing and community support.

As practitioners who are or have worked in this industry, we recognize the privilege we have in being able to be a part of a nascent industry and contributing to its potential.

We recognize that there is a substantial cost and knowledge barrier in understanding how to secure a digital estate of any organization. So, in the spirit of social equity and social justice, we feel sharing knowledge around securing organizations that work in and around the Cannabis industry helps to reduce those barriers experienced, providing for a more supportive environment that fosters community and a healthy competitive environment.

Even if you don’t operate in Cannabis, our content can be useful to any organization looking to start or improve their Information Security journey.

Whether you are an operator, a working professional, investor, customer, or regulator, it’s in the interest of all of us to promote a more secure Cannabis industry, and this is our efforts in addressing that need.